What is AgriSync

AgriSync is a customer support and communications platform that utilizes phone calls, text messages and video chat to connect ag professionals to their farmer customers. Farmers can ask for help from their trusted Advisors by sending a text message, placing a call or opening a digital ticket through the AgriSync app.

Advisors, or ag professionals, use AgriSync to track and categorize all of their customer interactions. Advisors can also start live video calls with customers and colleagues through a simple text message.

Key features​ ​and​ ​benefits:
● A communications platform that utilizes voice, text, and video to interact with customers
● Can be used on any device, any operating system compatible
● A mobile call center that rings a team of experts no matter where they are
● Tie video support sessions to a fully-ticketed customer support system
● Track & measure customer support performance metrics
● Customer retention tool for advisors
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