What is Hosted SMS?

Hosted SMS is a service that allows AgriSync customers to enable their existing phone numbers for SMS messaging. Hosted SMS allows customers to use AgriSync messaging with non-AgriSync phone numbers, including landlines.

Reasons to Enable Hosted SMS
Your phone number is not portable to AgriSync
You want to keep your phone number owned by your existing provider
You want to enable your store landline phone numbers for messaging

Steps to Enable Hosted SMS
Fill out this Hosted SMS Request Form. The Customer Success Team will reply back to confirm if your number is elible.
The Customer Success Team will schedule time to verify your phone number by calling the phone number and having you type in a 4-digit code. This process should take less than 5 minutes.
Once the number is verified, you'll be asked to e-sign a digital Letter of Authorization.
The AgriSync team will provision your number for Hosted SMS for a specific team in your account.
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