VoiceHub numbers in AgriSync have the ability to be WhatsApp enabled. This allows you to send and receive WhatsApp messages from your existing VoiceHub numbers.

In order to enable WhatsApp functionality for your account, there is an approval process that must be completed through WhatsApp/Facebook. If you wish to add WhatsApp functionality to your account, you can start the application process outlined below.

WhatsApp Business Application Process

As a part of the WhatsApp onboarding process, you must first verify your Facebook business account through Facebook Business Manager.
Note: Facebook states this process typically takes 48 hours for them to review after you've submitted the verification information.

Please complete the WhatsApp application form. You'll need your Facebook Business Manager ID in order to complete this form.

Facebook Business Manager ID

Once you've submitted the form, the AgriSync team will submit that information to WhatsApp for approval.

The approval process for WhatsApp for Business may take multiple weeks depending on the volume of submissions WhatsApp is receiving. We'll keep you posted on the status of your application.

Once your number is approved by WhatsApp, you'll need to accept the application permissions for our communications partner to send WhatsApp messages on your company's behalf. This application request will appear in the Settings>Requests section of your Facebook Business account (See image below).

The initial application process will be for one VoiceHub team in AgriSync. Following approval, the AgriSync customer success team will facilitate enabling WhatsApp for any additional VoiceHub numbers you'd like.
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