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Creating a Call Tree

AgriSync is a team-based support platform, but we know there are still times when a customer needs to connect with a specific individual or group of individuals within a team, instead of ringing everyone simultaneously. AgriSync VoiceHub numbers now have an optional Call Tree setting that allows callers to get directed to a specific Advisor or Advisors when they call in, based on prompts that you define.

This best part about this feature? It's customizable. Customers don't have to hear an automated Siri voice. When you create the call tree, you can record yourself saying the prompts so that your customers have a more personable experience. 


Login to the web dashboard and click into the Manage tab

Find the team you want to create a call tree for and click Call Tree

Create a new slot for the number of call tree options you want to create (up to 9)

Add the Advisor/s you want into each slot

Record the alias for each slot

To Connect with an Individual:

Greeting Recording: "Thanks for calling ACME's Precision Team. Please listen to our following call tree to connect with a member of our team."
Option 1: "Push 1 for John" (insert John Advisor)
Option 2: "Push 2 for Mark" (insert Mark Advisor)
Option 3: "Push 3 to connect with the entire team" (insert all Advisors)

To Connect Based on Expertise:

Greeting Recording: "Thanks for calling ACME's Support Team. Please listen to our following call tree to connect with an expert based on your issue."
Option 1: "Push 1 for Precision Support" (insert John, Mark, & Karen)
Option 2: "Push 2 for Sprayer Support" (insert Craig & Brad)
Option 3: "Push 3 for Diagnostic Support" (insert Jake)
Option 4: "Push 4 for all other support issues" (insert all Advisors)

A few things to note about this feature:

If a customer is unable to connect with the Advisor/s in the prompt they selected, they will be asked to leave a voicemail. This voicemail will create an unassigned ticket alerting the entire team, allowing other team members to assist if the selected Advisor/s are unavailable.

The call tree and ring schedule work simultaneously. If you have both a call tree and ring schedule enabled, we will allow the customer to select from the call tree but we will only call selected individuals if they are deemed available on the ring schedule.

This feature is available at the VoiceHub level. If you have multiple VoiceHub numbers, you can create a separate call tree for each VoiceHub number.

You can create up to 9 call tree slots.

Actualizado el: 05/08/2020

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